Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Author Discovery

Nancy Keith Kelly guests today to tell us about an author she just discovered and she can't stop reading...

On a recent family trip, I overheard folks talking a new author -- Brad Thor -- and tucked it away on my 'author to explore' list.  I seem to have a long list of authors I want to read. Once I did some research and ordered up his first book,  Lions of Lucerne, I was drawn in pretty quickly.   

We're introduced to Scot Harvath and his background as a Navy Seal, Olympic skier, and active member of the Secret Service.  (And you learn a few books later how he got the name Scot with one 't'.)  What I love about the Harvath series is that Brad Thor has done terrific research, especially around the US Navy Seals and one of their training bases, which is in my hometown of Coronado, California.  

Thor also has a gift of giving the reader a great description of locations around the world. You feel that you're right there. I loved his descriptions of  place, especially where I've lived and visited.  At the same time, details on the inner workings of the Secret Service, the FBI and even the CIA are also shared.  Not all readers may like learning as they read, however it does keep me engaged.

 The only issue I have is that his protagonist tends to have super powers when it comes to healing from injuries -- especially as the series unfolds.  I know he's a Navy Seal, but I'm not sure that gives him magic healing powers. It's a small thing. I have continued to read through the Scot Harvath series.

If you're looking for a fun series and some fast action, Brad Thor is worth checking out.  

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