Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mystery Themed Antique & Modern Charms

I found some wonderful vintage charms with mystery themes online and had to share. 

The Sherlock Holmes vintage pipe charm above opens up to reveal a violin (seen below). I love the carving in the pipe, although I don't remember Sherlock's pipe having those  markings. 

This pair of handcuffs was made in modern times, but the detail is exact it looks like they might work. You can find them over on Etsy

Here's a human ear charm. I'm not sure if this charm is to inspire the recipient to listen more or just to go to a Van Gogh exhibit. 

We have the cap gun vintage charm made of sterling silver. 

And last we have a bevy of teapots from the 1960s. Each tea pot is so different. I love the detail in all five and the jewels in the middle charms bring a flash of color. 

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