Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The World's Largest Mystery Convention: #Bouchercon

I just got back from the world's mystery convention, Bouchercon. As usual, we overestimated what we would be able to cover in real time, but here are some of my favorite happenings at the convention.

Jonathan Del Arco, Kathe Mazur and Kendall Sherwood
One of the biggest highlights for me was the visit from the head writer of TNT's Major Crimes, James Duff. He brought Jonathan Del Arco (Dr. Morales), Kathe Mazur (DDA Hobbs), Detective Mike Berchem (writer and advisor to the show), Adam Belanoff (writer), Kendall Sherwood (writer) and Damani Johnson (writer). Major Crimes returns on November 24th and we'll have more on what we learned later this week. 

Another highlight was the surveillance workshop by RT Lawton. This was a practical session where first former DEA agent Lawton tells you how to tail someone and then you are assigned to a group and an author who has volunteered to be tailed. You have to try to tail that individual without being identified as tailing them. This is much harder than it looks on TV and everyone in our group thought we'd be much better at it than we actually were. We weren't identified, but mostly because we lost the mark early... I guess we'll have to keep practicing. Thank you to author Cathi Stoler, who was my partner in tailing. 

It was great to see my fellow Mystery Playground authors, Kim and Kerry Hammond. 

Love catching up with old friends Laura K Curtis, Clare Toohey and Terrie Farley Moran plus meeting new friends Lisa Alber, Shawn Reilly and Judy Bobalik. 

Laura K Curtis moderating the Four Funerals and A Disappearance panel

A big thank you to all my fellow Bcon 2014 committee members - Ingrid Willis, Sue Carpenter, Karen Ringer, Janet Rudolph, Robin Berry and Tammy Kaehler. I love my Murder on the Beach award.

Long Beach - what a beautiful place to hold a convention!


  1. That was so much fun. It was so wonderful to meet you. And you all asked such great questions! The whole team of writers thought so. We had a great time. Thanks so much for all you give back to us,
    Kathe Mazur

  2. Great article. I am sharing it around town.