Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Justified Returns Tonight for the Last Shoot Out

Justified returns tomorrow night at 10 on FX for it's last season (sob wail). When last we left Harlan, Ava had cut a deal with Raylan because she really, really, really needed a get out of jail free card. And he gave her one. I'm glad she's out of prison because I think she's more interesting on the outside. All she has to do is betray Boyd. Or figure a way how to make Raylan think she has. She's not even sure yet which strategy will work best for her. 

Darryl Crowe, model citizen that he is, was willing to let his young nephew take the rap for a murder he committed, assuming that the boy would serve less time because he was a minor. Raylan made sure the boy would be tried as an adult, so Darryl couldn't justify it anymore. But that just made Darryl hit his steering wheel harder in a momentary fit of rage. As with all good psychopaths, it didn't make him confess... So his sister, Wendy, went to get him to confess wearing a wire. She got her confession and then she shot him. So bye-bye Darryl Crowe.

And what's with Boyd? Well, his favorite henchman was just executed by Alberto and his drug lord enemies from down south. Their plan was to kill him and Darryl Crowe and take all the heroine. But Boyd figures a way out of it and gets Rachel and Tim to shoot them. But that rescue came at a high price, because Rachel has vowed to make Boyd pay for every crime he ever committed. Now instead of staying clean until his luck changed, he's decided to get back in the bank robbing business with Wynn Duffy and Kathryn Hale. 

Raylan's transfer to Florida has come through and Winona is so happy, but the team convinces him to stay in Harlan for just a little while longer to help take Boyd down. It wasn't too hard to convince him. 

We're set up for a massive showdown. Here's the promo, and this season Justified is on fire...

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