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Major Crimes' James Duff Answers Fans Questions on Reddit

Major Crimes co-creator, James Duff, took to REDDIT today to answer fans questions in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session before tonight's double winter season finale on TNT. And Philip Stroh is back. 

What did we learn?

  • Kyra Sedgwick is on contract to return to Major Crimes and reprise her role as Brenda Leigh Johnson, at some point. They just haven't scheduled it. This is the first time I've seen James use the word "contract." Here is the exchange:

  • [–]myriadjacent 1 point  
    Hi James! I'm a huge fan of The Closer and Major Crimes who cannot wait to see what you have in store for us with the latest finale. Two questions: 1. When The Closer was wrapping up, you said that you'd always had a clear vision for how the show would end. Do you have a similar idea of where Major Crimes is going to end up, or are you finding new directions each season as you go along? 2. Are we ever going to see Brenda guest star in Major Crimes?
    [–]James_Duff[S] 3 points  
    1) I have a much more open idea of how MAJOR CRIMES could end. If I am given the opportunity to know when it will end. But MAJOR CRIMES is much more diffuse in its point of view than THE CLOSER was, and can go more places than THE CLOSER went. The second it stops being new, we should take it off the air. 
    2) We have a contract with Kyra to appear in several episodes of MAJOR CRIMES pending her availability and our schedule, and we continue to work to find an opportunity when she can reappear. Kyra and I are very good, close friends. We talk constantly. So it's not just bullshit. Haha!

  • Graham Patrick Martin was the last to audition for the role of Rusty...

[–]DesertGalEbb 1 point  
Could you tell us about Graham Patrick Harris' audition, and how did he stand out among the others? His performances are excellent.
[–]James_Duff[S] 4 points  
Graham was the last person to audition for the part. And he was the only actor who completely understood it - from the top down. I never intended for the Rusty character to transit from THE CLOSER to MAJOR CRIMES. This is a case of an actor being so brilliant that I could not let go of him - from a writer standpoint, you do not find performers like this often enough to let them slip through your fingers.

  • James always had a feeling about Sharon and Andy...

[–]jayzhelle 2 points  
Hi James! Thank you for doing this. I just wanted to ask, Sharon and Andy's relationship started out with dislike and hostility. At what point during The Closer or Major Crimes did you decide or realize that these 2 characters will develop a friendship that could potentially blossom into a special relationship? By the way, the slow burn is both exciting and torturous for us fans. All the best from the Philippines! :)
[–]James_Duff[S] 4 points  
We always felt like this was a possibility, Sharon and Andy together. And that we always feel like it's a problem - Sharon & Andy together. But we feel determined to explore the nature of romance in middle age. And Tony and Mary are with us 100%.

  • As a huge Battlestar Gallactica fan, I loved these two questions and answers:

[–]CaptBAMF 1 point  
If you could have written any script / created any TV show what would it be and why? I'm a huge Major Crime fan, thanks for such a wonderful show :-)
[–]James_Duff[S] 3 points  
Of the shows airing right now, I would love an opportunity to write for GAME OF THRONES or DOWNTON ABBEY or in the recent past, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. But I think I more enjoy watching these shows than I would enjoy creating a script for one!
[–]plaguerat87 1 point  
Is there a chance we'll ever see Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber and/or Richard Hatch in Major Crimes? 
[–]James_Duff[S] 3 points  
All 3 of these gentlemen are fantastic actors and great & worthy performers whom I admire. I would never say never to any one of them.

You can see the whole Reddit AMA exchange here.

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