Monday, January 5, 2015

Major Crimes Facebook Chat with James Duff

James Duff, executive producer and co-creator of Major Crimes graciously got on Facebook again this week so fans of the show could ask questions.

The recap of this week's chat is below. As usual, I've removed any references to this specific episode that may be construed as a spoiler. Because of the volume of questions, only James Duff's answers are included. He restates the questions in his answers so you can track all of the action. 

James Duff Thank you for joining me here in this space, and special thanks to Gracie for helping me out! I appreciate it, Gracie Altobelli!

James Duff For those of you who love Raymond Cruz, and count me among his legion of fans, this episode is proof that your admiration is not misplaced.

James Duff Janet P says she loves the show, but wishes we would make more episodes.We do nineteen episodes a year, ten in the summer and nine in the winter, but it takes a great deal of time to write and produce them.The amount of time it takes to write and produce and edit these episodes is now, literally, a year round process. We are only closed during the holidays.And while there are production hiatuses, that is only to give the crew and the actors a little down time during the production process (which can be pretty grueling).Almost everyone here works a minimum of twelve hours a day during production. I know that it's a glamorous business, but it's also a lot of serious work.So we push ourselves to the limit because we want so badly to keep up the quality.I think, if you asked everyone here (but me) they would say doing twenty-two episodes would be a joy.But I might want to throw myself off a cliff!

James Duff @Sue T asks when our next summer season will start. Sadly, I have no idea!

James Duff Rachel L mentions Sharon's attachment to the younger victims on Major Crimes, and if "Alice," the girl who was found in the trash last summer will figure in next year's season.The answer is, Rachel, absolutely we will follow up on the Alice story. And we will be working to figure out who she really is

James Duff Several of you have asked if Kyra Sedgwick will be appearing this season. This is a question I have answered many times before, and I have been ignoring it for the last few sessions, but I don't want to make people mad. So here goes! Kyra has a contract to guest star in some episodes of Major Crimes but it depends on scheduling and things like that, and we hope we can get her for next year.

James Duff @Alyce S asks why none of the questions are being answered. Sorry. I'm trying! There are a lot of questioners and only little old me to answer them.

James Duff K L asks if we will ever find out what happened to Sanchez's wife. Yes, next year. You'll get the whole story. If Sanchez ends up staying with the division...

James Duff Hazel S says she's disappointed that Sharon did not take off on Christmas because her family was around.This may be personally disappointing, but the police cannot take off on holidays if there is a murder.That is the burden of public service.I would say to all of you who think that Sharon should have held off solving the murder until after the holiday that she would not be allowed to do that in the LAPD, and we cannot do it on the show.I'm sure, she would rather have stayed with Jack and Emily and Rusty!

James Duff Erika A asks if there's any chance - since we often do shows from a particular character's point of view - if Buzz will ever have his own episode.Yes, next year, we will have Buzz centric episode. Our second in the history of our company.

James Duff LeAnn R H asks why Provenza always wears the bucket hat.It depends on who you ask.As I remember it, GW said he was on antibiotics when we were going out to a crime scene and he was in the sun. GW will tell you that he thought it would be good for his character.I think it is probably a combination of both. Certainly, I would never have agreed to that crazy hat if he had not had a medical condition, and GW knows me very well.It could be he wanted to wear the hat and he just happened to be on antibiotics at the time....Giving him the benefit of the doubt!

James Duff By the way, tonight's episode was written by our resident expert in the darkness of the human heart, Michael Alaimo, and directed by the brilliant and impossible to overpraise Anthony Hemmingway.

James Duff Several of you are asking if Sanchez will ever have another love. I think he has a few issues to work out fast.

James Duff And though you don't know it, if you are watching the show you just saw a picture of Raymond Cruz as a child.

James Duff Trinity D KT asks if Nadine is coming back as we finish the Storh story! Yes!Nadine is coming back and Billy Burke is coming back.

James Duff Tracy H C Re/Max Realtor asks what my personal favorite of all the storylines from this season.I can't choose a single storyline, of course, but I like that Phillip Stroh is coming back for a deal, and may get Rusty off the hook as a material witness.

James Duff Gracie A asks if we see more of the squad's home lives next year. Yes, we will. And you will see some of Sanchez's home life tonight! So stay tuned!

James Duff Ewander R P asks if we can expect action scenes with Captain Raydor. Well, we had some last year and in The Closer, too. Occasionally, if warranted, you will see her in action, yes!

James Duff Rachel L asks if we are going to see Rusty make Sharon proud of him.

James Duff Rusty helped her with her ex-husband last week. And he finally has his confrontation with Phillip Stroh next week. You will have to decide if you think he acquits himself with grace and talent.

James Duff S H says that if Raymond goes, that's it. I don't issue spoilers. But I will point out this is not Game of Thrones. And Raymond is a good friend who I admire.

James Duff Norma W S asks if Provenza will have a girlfriend this season. He's already met somebody who we know he spent Christmas with.

James Duff Joan HK asks if it's just a coincidence that actors from other shows that our writers have worked on appear on Major Crimes. Sometimes! Sometimes, our casting directors bring in people we want to see and sometimes they just bring in the best actors they can find

James Duff Good actors stand out. And you always want to be working with them.

James Duff No, Ilona Arcari asks if we are airing two episodes next Monday. Absolutely not! Only one! And then two weeks from now our last winter episode.

James Duff And now, ladies and gentlemen, I remind you that Billy Burke returns next week, and Rusty will once again be put on the spot, and a deal for the worst serial killer we've ever had on the show may finally be signed.Enjoy the end of the episode, and I'll see you here next week for the next-to-the-last time this winter.

James Duff One word about Netflix. Some of you are asking when Major Crimes will be on Netflix. So let's have a quick business chat before I go.  TNT licenses Major Crimes for a certain amount of runs. And then it has the option to pay to run it again for a few times.TNT is the network.The show is actually made by Warner Brothers.Trust me, the moment Warner Brothers can legally sell Major Crimes to another platform, like Netflix of Amazon or Hulu, they will do so!Or they will build their own platform on which the show can air with other Warner Brothers product.

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Come back next week for the recap of next week's chat. 

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