Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Set Your DVRs: The Americans Returns

One of my favorite TV shows, the twisted spy drama, The Americans, returns on Fox this Wednesday night. 

When last we left our dear double agents - Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings "The Center" (code for KGB boss people) have decided that their daughter teenage daughter Paige would make a wonderful second-generation spy. Phillip is opposed, but Elizabeth is entertaining the possibility. 

Their friendly neighborhood FBI agent, Stan Beeman, had to decide whether or not to save his beautiful Russian double agent spy girlfriend or betray the United States. He couldn't betray his country and now the Russians will make her pay. Nina may be gone, but Stan lost his wife anyway...

And we have lots more to look forward to this season...

According to Entertainment Weekly, this season Frank Langella joins in a recurring role as "Gabriel", their previous handler, who returns to take over from Martha. Based on other handlers we've seen for the couple, this handler will be no angel either. 

Karen Pittman also joins this season as a Defense Department employee targeted by a Jennings sting opp according to Deadline Hollywood. Elizabeth goes undercover to become Pittman's character's new Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. Super despicable and probably very effective. 

Julia Garner joins the cast as a young woman who "unexpectedly and dangerously" meets up with the Jennings' according to Hollywood Reporter

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