Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review: Killer Getaway

Kerry Hammond reviews the book Killer Getaway by Amy Korman today.

Killer Getaway is the second in the Killer WASPS Mystery series. Kristin Clark and her basset hound live in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, where she owns an antique shop. The winter has set in and the shop is slow, so when Kristin is invited to visit her three glamorous friends in Magnolia Beach, she doesn’t have to do a lot of thinking. Actually, she does and almost says no, but her friend Bootsie, a newspaper reporter, makes the decision for her (and invites herself along). When they arrive in Florida, they’re greeting by their friends, who have already been enjoying the Florida sunshine. Joe is an interior decorator who is finding work locally, even if it’s not HGTV. Joe’s girlfriend Sophie is avoiding her mafia tied soon to be ex-husband. Holly comes from money and her husband is a wealthy businessman, but she’s mad at him, and is in the middle of a spending spree that is keeping the credit card companies in business. Her friends are worried that her spending is coming from more than just a love of fashion. 

Kristin’s friends are all glamour and fashion, so she feels a bit out of place in her Old Navy wardrobe. She is also living on her own, with her measly income, and can’t afford the lifestyle her friends enjoy. They are more than happy to let her ride their coattails, though. Sophie has invested heavily in a restaurant owned by Channing and Jessica, friends from Pennsylvania, and the crew eat at his restaurant every night. When famous Chef Gianni, also from the Philly area, opens up shop right across the street, it looks like Channing may go out of business. Strange things start to happen at the restaurant, not only a food poisoning scare, but an almost hit and run in the alley. Kristin and her friends decide to investigate  in order to help Channing and Jessica and save Sophie’s investment. 

This book is a wonderful example of living vicariously through reading. What I wouldn’t give to be Kristin, with friends who can wisk me off on a Florida vacation in the middle of winter. Ok, so maybe I could do without the attempted murder and food poisoning, but you get the gist. Sun, unlimited food, and a wardrobe courtesy of a fashionista with a credit card habit. Now that’s my kind of life. Reading is escapism, and this book lets you do just that.

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