Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crafty Thursdays: DIY Time Zone Clocks

Kerry Hammond is here for Crafty Thursdays making a time zone clock board that's so cool it transcends borders.

Today’s craft is a three-time zone clock collage. It’s pretty simple to make and you won’t need a ton of fancy power tools. Part of the reason it’s so easy is that my main material (clocks) came all ready to go. This is just my fun way of displaying them that feeds into my love for travel.

3 clocks
Magnets & Glue (if your clocks don’t come with magnets attached)
Sheet of Metal 
Metal Cutters
2 screws, nuts and bolts
Picture Wire
Letter stickers and other embellishments

Step 1: Cut your Metal
Place your clocks on the sheet of metal and cut around them in the size you want your final collage to be. I bought my clocks at World Market and they had magnets built in and I got my metal sheet at Home Depot. 

Step 1.5: Attach Magnets:
If your clocks don’t come with magnets, hot glue enough on the back that they will hold tight to the metal.

Step 2: Affix Hanger
You can do this step any way you like. I am one of those people who saves all extra screws and pieces that come with any project, so the hanger on my clock collage was something I found in my tool box. It is two bolts with picture wire already attached between and I simply screwed it through my metal. Since most people won’t have this, I suggest you put a piece of wood behind the metal at the top and screw in a couple of bolts (depending on the metal’s thickness you may need to hammer a nail through first to start the hole). Then attach the washers and bolts to the back and string the picture wire between.

Step 3: Location Stickers
Place your clocks on the metal where you want them and using your letter stickers, spell out the locations you want to feature. I picked 3 places I planned to visit soon. Either stick the letters directly on your metal, or place them on a piece of paper or another plain sticker and then transfer the whole word to the metal. You can also embellish the metal with other sticks like airplanes, suitcases, etc.

Step 4: Set the Clocks and Hang
Set the clocks to local time for each location and hang on your wall. There are several websites that give you the world time and you can use it to make sure you’ve got it right. Don’t forget to adjust when daylight savings hits.

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