Monday, June 22, 2015

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads Lisa Unger

Kerry Hammond reports to Mystery Playground today from the most recent meeting of the Denver-based Crime & Beyond Book Club.

Crime & Beyond met this month to discuss yet another new author (for us). We read In the Blood by Lisa Unger, a standalone book by the author. The reviews were excellent across the board and we all really loved it—there were several scores of 10 out of 10. It had great characters, a great plot, and enough twists and turns to throw most of us off.

The book followed Lana Granger, a college student in her senior year whose mother was murdered and whose father is in prison, and on death row, for that murder. Lana’s college professor and mentor convinces her to take a job helping a severely disturbed 11-year-old boy near the college. During this time, Lana’s college roommate goes missing. Since a prior roommate also went missing, and was found dead, the police question Lana about the latest disappearance. She seems very reluctant to give the police the full story and the reader is left wondering about the facts, not only of her roommate’s disappearance, but of her mother’s murder as well.

Lisa Unger is a wonderful storyteller. She pulls you into her characters’ lives and hooks you on their story. She lays down the clues for any reader who wants to pick them up, but most of us pass right by, too enthralled to stop and examine their significance. This leads to unexpected surprises and wonderful plot twists. I can’t wait to read her other books, it looks like she’s published 16 in total.

Next month we will read That Night by Chevy Stevens, another new to us author.

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