Thursday, June 18, 2015

DIY Book Photo Frame

Kerry Hammond is visiting Crafty Thursday to show us how to make a photo frame out of an old book.  You can personalize it to fit your style and use any book you like.

This craft is very easy to make and doesn’t take very long. When you choose a book, make sure to remove the paper cover (if it has one) and inspect the inside cardboard and spine to make sure it appeals to you, since this is what will show. Old books look best, but you have to be willing to carve into them. I used a copy of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, it wasn’t old but I liked the look of it and the color. You can personalize your frame using embellishments, which I think makes it even more fun. For my clasp, I used a button I bought on vacation at a flea market in Paris, France. But I digress, let’s get to the craft.


  • Book
  • Exacto Knife or Razor Blade
  • Cardboard
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Button
  • Twine or String
  • Embellishments (stickers, coins, etc.)

Step 1 – Cut Cover
Using your Exacto Knife or Razor Blade, cut out your picture rectangle in the book’s cover. Be sure to measure first. If you’re using a 4x6 photo like I did, you will cut the opening slight smaller on all edges so that the photo slips in and stays behind your opening.

Step 2 – Cardboard Backing
Cut a piece of cardboard the exact size of your book cover and glue it to the inside of the cover. Be sure to leave one side unglued, this is where you will slide your photo in and the cardboard will act as backing to hold the photo. I suggest you leave the inside long edge unglued.

Step 3 - Felt

Cut a piece of felt the exact size of your book cover and glue it over the entire cardboard piece. This step is just to make it look more finished.

Step 4 – Embellish
This can be anything you like. I hot glued some travel related items to the front. I also used some decorative tape and twine to outline the photo opening. 

Step 4 – Clasp & Twine Loop
Glue your button or another clasp to the cover. Hot glue a loop of twine to the back cover. This will loop over the button around the front and allow the book to open enough to let it stand without falling over. Glue the back cover to the last page to keep it closed. 

Step 5 – Insert Photo and Display
Slide your photo in through the edge you left unglued, between the book cover and your cardboard backing. Stand the book up on a shelf. You haven’t glued the pages together, so this allows you to separate them a bit if you need to in order to get the book to stand.

This craft makes a great gift if you know someone’s favorite book or author. And you can embellish it so that it’s personalized just for them. Clearly mine is a travel theme.