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#MajorCrimes Facebook Chat Recap with GW Bailey, James Duff and Phillip Keene

James Duff hit Facebook to answer fans questions as he does almost every Monday when Major Crimes is airing. It's really fun to have so much access to the creator of Major Crimes and The Closer. He's not the only one. Earlier this season Mary McDonnell (Captain Sharon Raydor) and Tony Denison (Lt. Andy Flynn) did a Facebook chat and earlier today GW Bailey (Provenza) and Phillip Keene (Buzz) were on Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Every week there's an extra webisode featuring the character of Rusty Beck, called Identity where he tries to discover the real name of a victim called Alice Herrera. It's ironic that in tonight's episode we finally learn Jonathan Del Arco's character, Dr. Morales' first name. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is. You have to watch it for yourself. (You gotta love Jonathan Del Arco!)

I've recapped James Duff's Facebook chat responses below. He does an excellent job of recapping the questions in his answers so in the interest of space, I just include his answers. Any spoilers for tonight's episode have been removed. 

James Duff Ilona Arcari starts us off tonight with a good question. Are we going to learn Dr. Morales's name tonight on Rusty's vlog. We will. Go to Identity by Rusty Beck after the show.

James Duff Mike Robin just stepped in - my producing partner for eleven years - and wants me to tell all of you this is the best of our lighter episodes. Ever.

James Duff And Patrice will be back on the show in a couple of weeks.

James Duff GW loves tonight's episode because he gets to tell Phillip off several times in each act!And Patrice will be back on the show in a couple of weeks.

James Duff Of course, let's not forget Tony Denison is also a big deal in this episode. It is our second Flynn/Provenza/Buzz episode.

James Duff GW and Phillip did a Reddit today. And their conversation is hilarious.

James Duff Maybe that's a secret.

James Duff Phillip and GW are a great team whenever they're together. 

James Duff Ashlee B L asks Phillip and GW what was the best thing about working on tonight's episode. They both say getting to work so much with each other.

James Duff Yes, tonight, you will learn a little bit about Buzz's backstory, but we got some of it last year.

James Duff It also includes the Dodgers.

James Duff Lila Jones asks if we're going to see anything about Flynn's upcoming sobriety. And we are, in a way. In two weeks, we'll be dealing with alcoholism again. And Flynn is one of our resident experts.

James Duff GW and Tony and Buzz feel like they should have a crossover show to run between seasons of Major Crimes. GW said it will be called, Provenza!

James Duff Major Crimes goes to some dark places. We like to take a little light with us.

James Duff GW wants to thank you for the questions, Phillip wants to thank you for finding us again this year, and we all want to thank you for watching and making Major Crimes a part of your week. We know how busy you are, and we appreciate so much that you make time for us!

James Duff If you loved Murphy Brown, Adam and Joe reunite for this episode, and prove they're both up to the task.

James Duff No, we are not going to hire Donald Trump, now that he's been let go from Celebrity Apprentice. He's running for President, and there are rules about that.

James Duff And, as regular readers of our Facebook chat will recall, I always refer to MPC (Michael Paul Chan) as the adult on the show!

James Duff Luana DG asks if we will see more of the Sharon and Flynn relationship. Yes. You will.

James Duff To whoever asked, we probably won't have time to meet Hobbs family; we have to concentrate on the division. GW says he wants more time with Patrice. And that Dawn is an amazing actor for him to work with because he gets to do love scenes.

James Duff People are asking about our ratings. We're doing very well. I think in the live+same day Nielson's we'll be the number one or number two show on cable, and our DVR numbers are pretty spectacular. Of course, A&E proved that you can cancel your highest rated show for no good reason and Longmire ended up on Netflix. Someone suggested this is the last year of the show. I doubt that very seriously. But we can't ever know the future, and we're not coming back until our network decides to pick us up.

James Duff @Evelyn David asks if we have all this summer season written. As of tomorrow, the answer will be yes!

James Duff GW says he will get grief from people who think he was too mean to Buzz. And it's all worth it.
I loved our guest cast Lee Garlington has been a longtime friend. Joe is a genius and all the young people are genius!
James Duff 

James Duff Laurel Roy says Joe Regalbuto: Yay! G.W. could not agree with you more!

James Duff For those who are asking where Rusty is, he's not as heavy in this episode as he is in the next one. Our actors trade off carrying the story. But his Alice journey is still going on, and if you miss him tonight, you can see him in the vlog, Identity, which will be posted on this page as the show ends.

James Duff Adam Belanoff wrote this evening's episode and I think he had a blast putting it together.

James Duff Megan E- Author asks if Phillip ever dreamed Buzz would be an officer. He didn't dare hope, he says, but G.W. thought it was a great step for their two characters. And it has given them more to do in the Murder Room scenes.

James Duff Stephania T asks if Brandon will be back soon as Det. Robby Oderno. Yes! In five weeks. We love Brandon and he does an amazing job.

James Duff Leo Geter is a genius. I'm not the first to say it. And I won 't be the last.

James Duff Our comedies must include the Dodgers. Or baseball.

James Duff I loved our guest cast Lee Garlington has been a longtime friend. Joe is a genius and all the young people are genius!

James Duff I agree. We do the comedic episodes to break up the darkness a little.

James Duff Aileen C P says we needed this lighter episode after the intensity of the ones that came before.

James Duff GW and I are both from Texas and we both lived all over the state. Though I never got to be in Austin for any real length of time (despite having shot there a couple of times).

James Duff And we'll see you here next week. And catch up with Rusty's vlog if you can. Tonight's post features Jonathan Del Arco!

James Duff Our guest stars and series regulars really knocked it out of the park.

James Duff It will play out in real time.

James Duff If you like a show, I know how irritating and difficult it can be when it goes off the air. That's how I feel, too, when my favorite programs go off the air.

James Duff I miss Game of Thrones and Survivor and Sense8 and it's hard to believe how long we have to wait for them to come back.

James Duff But you will see us through most of August. And then we will come back for another eight-episode run in the autumn.

James Duff And remember, tonight, you can learn Dr. Morales's first name on Rusty's vlog, Identity!

James Duff Like all jobs, there are some things cops don't like to do, or would pass on to other divisions if they could.

James Duff Phillip loved Joe and he does an amazing job in this episode, as does all the past cost. But I feel good about our performance, and I feel even better about the KIND of audience we have.

James Duff Phillip says he's afraid of what GW will get to do to him next.

James Duff Everyone has a nickname.

James Duff I'm behind my own work, but the other writers have done a spectacular job of keeping things moving. But our writer's room is filled with great talents.

James Duff Oddly, GW and Phillip MPC, because he sometimes insists that GW and Phillip leave while he's doing a big speech because their reactions make him laugh.

James Duff Kryzzle G asks when shooting a comedic episode like this one, which of the series regulars are most likely to crack up and "blow" a take.

James Duff Patricia A H asks if GW ever goes back to Port Arthur. He does! Not very often, but a lot more than I go back to Beaumont.

James Duff There is a hashtag on Twitter right now #Buzzflynnza!

James Duff Joy SB asks if we can have longer seasons.Actually, we are doing eighteen episodes this year, one less than last.

Don't forget that tonight is a Flynn and Provenza episode!

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