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Facebook Q&A with Major Crimes' Mary McDonnell and Tony Denison

One of my favorite shows, Major Crimes, returns to TNT this Monday night for a brand new season. 

If you need an update or a primer on the show, go over to Criminal Element where you can read the rundown and enter to win a DVD set of Major Crimes third season.

Yesterday Mary McDonnell, the star of the show, took to Facebook to answer fans' questions. Tony Denison, who plays Detective Flynn was sitting right next to her. Here is the recap of that chat. 

Ilona Arcari: What is your favorite part of being Sharon Raydor? And for Tony being Flynn?
  • Mary McDonnell From Tony: my favorite part is I get to live in the skin of a character that goes right up to the line of 'the ends justify the means' but he doesn't cross them. From me: I like being a cop.

Chloe M. E: I bet you are going crazy because of SHANDY!!!
  • Mary McDonnell Shandy?!? We know YOU are. Tony is enjoying the intrigue and anticipation.

Shandra M: What is one of your favorite books?

Ava P: Hi Mary and Tony! My friend Ingrid wants to ask this: Hi, Mary! First of all, thank you for doing this. Motherhood has always been an important aspect of Sharon’s character and often influences her decision making process . Do you think Laura Roslin would’ve liked to have her own children and do you think that it could add more layers to the character? Greetings from the Philippines
  • Mary McDonnell yes. I think she would have loved that. I think the layers were in the character but we never had the circumstances through which to reveal them

Hunter D Are you guys still in costume right now? Haha

Kryzzle G Hi Mary and Tony! Hello from the Philippines! smile emoticon. Just wanted to know, during the Nicole episode where Rusty pointed out that Sharon and Andy were dating, it seems like Andy is well aware of it but Sharon is not. WAS SHARON REALLY CLUELESS ABOUT DATING ANDY OR WAS SHE JUST IN DENIAL AND SHOVING THE IDEA AT THE BACK OF HER MIND BECAUSE SHE IS HIS BOSS? Thank you! grin emoticon
  • Mary McDonnell For a very brief moment she was clueless and then it all became clear

Danielle P How do you think Brenda and Sharon would interact now that Sharon is in charge? Do you think they are friends?

  • Mary McDonnell I don't know if they are friends, but I don't think there would be any problems working together at an equal level.

JuLia K Q for Mary smile emoticon We don't know much about Sharon Raydor's private life (yet). We don't know anything about her childhood, about her parents, siblings, friends, hobbies etc. Did you create some kind of back story for her that helps you play her?

Julia M Tony & Mary - What do you look for in working with a director?

Annelouise E H What's both your favourite thing to cook and why? As myself I am a chef and would like to know your home cooking recipes smile emoticon

  • Mary McDonnell From Tony: My favorite thing to cook is pasta and popcorn. Not necessarily together.

Steph M D The emotion that you share with us on screen when you have to do the emotional scenes with it mostly acting or real emotion? 

I have enjoyed watching the softer side of Sharon Raydor!! GREAT show Mary!! I pray that there are many more seasons to come!!

MarĂ­a T Hi Mary! Thanks for doing this! My question is: please name three virtues that you value most in life, those things you try to live your life according to.

Shelley H Hi Mary and Tony. What would you say are Sharon's favourite things/top traits she likes in Andy?

Chloe M. E. Can you hint us in on what may happen to Stroh (possibly locked up in jail and no chance in hell to escape)

Mira B Hi Mary and Tony #SHANDYfeelsallaround

As the founder of Danes for Hillary, I’m thrilled to see your outspoken support for Hillary! I wanted you to know that I’ve made several great international friends through this amazing MC/Mary-community who also share and support our enthusiasm for Hillary! Yay and thank you! Maybe it’s the Mary-effect!? smile emoticon

My question to Mary McDonnell is: How are you planning to participate in the campaign during the election next year?

Amanda M Mary, thank you for agreeing to do this. Not sure if you can answer this question or if it's really one that Tony could answer. Shandy fans would like to know if the bean bag that was from the bean bag gun that Sharon shot the suspect between the eyes in Death Warrant on The Closer, is it still in Andy's desk drawer in the Major Crimes division?

Chloe M. Evenson Does Sharon have an actual moment where she finally able to admit that she has feelings for Andy? And if she does how would you imagine it to happen?

Kimberly A Andy and Jack's histories are so similar, how do you think that affects how Sharon views Andy and any possible future romance?

Mira B Q: What is the biggest similarity and the biggest difference between Mary McDonnell and Sharon Raydor? And Andy and Tony?

  • Mary McDonnell From Tony: I tend to be a person that lives in the grey area. Where Flynn is very black and white.  From Me: I have to operate from my sense of humor.

Ashley B Hi Mary and Tony! So great to be chatting with you guys today! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. smile emoticon
Mary, have you considered writing an autobiography? 

Tony, do you have any plans of writing any cookbooks? Would love to get recipes!

  • Mary McDonnell From Tony: Yes! We are working on new recipes for cookbooks.  From Me: And I will try all his recipes

Margaret S I asked Tony a while ago. If you could travel back in time what era and why?
  • Mary McDonnell I love the turn of our century. Late 1800's and early 1900's because its still connected to where we are at the moment, but vastly different

Dally Anne C My question is about Flynn. How he will handle his feelings about Sharon? I wonder if he will be afraid of try something...or say something to his boss. 
  • Mary McDonnell From Tony: Flynn is always the gentleman, but he has no false sense of humility.

Samantha C Mary what kind of music do you like? Btw I love you both.
  • Mary McDonnell all

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