Monday, June 15, 2015

Raymond Cruz, Jonathan Del Arco, Phillip Keene and James Duff from Major Crimes Chat

Raymond Cruz, Jonathan Del Arco and Phillip Keene joined James Duff for the weekly Major Crimes Facebook Chat to celebrate their 50th episode. Fans of the show can come to the Major Crimes Facebook page every week during the season and chat with James and various cast members. It's a great way to get your questions answered and learn more about the way Major Crimes is put together.

Here is the recap. We only publish James Duff's answers to the questions because he is so good at encapsulating the questions in the answers and there is always a lot of information. So here we go...

James Duff - Welcome everyone. I'm here with some of our cast - Phillip Keene, Raymond Cruz and Jonathan Del Arco to welcome you to our fiftieth episode!

James Duff - A little news for all of you: our first ratings are beginning to come in, and we had seven million viewers for our premier in Live+3 and are projected to do well over eight million viewers in Live+7. Which means about sixty percent of our total audience was in time shifted viewing.

James Duff -So we begin by saying thanks.

James Duff - To those asking if Fritz will be back: yes! We're very happy to have Jon Tenney returning for our fourth season, now as Deputy Chief Howard

James Duff -Russ P asks when the next funny episode might be. Tune in two weeks from now, when Phillip P. Keene's character, Buzz Watson, progresses in the Reserve Officer program to his first ride along.

James Duff - Carol H, Raymond waves back. And yes, Andy and Sharon have a relationship. But how will that define itself?

James Duff - Ilona Arcari hey, good to hear from you, as always! And you should watch Rusty's vlog tonight for a little surprise. The idea for the vlog came from a desire to spread out the content of the show, and make use of the extra dimension made possible for us by digital platforms.

James Duff - Kryzzle G asks why Rusty might not be comfortable with Sharon and Andy getting closer when he was the one who pointed out they were dating. For Rusty, the idea of people Sharon and Flynn's age dating means they would go to dinner, or to a movie, or to a museum together. The idea that there might be a more physical component is only just now dawning on him. I would point out that whenever Rusty's environment has expanded to include and older male, it has not worked out well for him. And something like Sharon and Andy getting more intimate...And this is not something he wants to happen.

James Duff - Actors being asked what their favorite things are about working on Major Crimes. For Raymond, it is watching the finished project. Jonathan's favorite thing and Phillip's favorite thing are very similar. They like working with their friends. And after working with the same people for all these years, they are friends. Personally, the best thing about working with all these actors is their ability to prioritize their work...

James Duff - Linda K notes that Sharon and Andy are both wearing purple tonight. Sometimes, costumes clue us in to how people are getting along...

James Duff - Deborah L asks how Raymond so effectively performs his big emotional scenes. Ray says he works really hard to make it feel as real to him as possible. He pulls off anger with a genuine sense of danger.

James Duff - Deborah L also asks if Phillip has ever done a ride along with the police. Yes, Phillip was very excited to join the LAPD for a night a couple of months ago. And we also all attended (as a group) the Twice a Citizen fundraiser for LAPD reserves.

James Duff - For those of you asking about streaming options for Major Crimes, I'm afraid there are only two.If you have the TNT streaming app, which should be related to your cable provider, you can stream the show that way.Or the day after air, you can get the show off iTunes.

Because, technically, Warner Brothers, which makes the show, is a separate company from Turner Broadcasting, even though they are both part of TimeWarner. And we can't sell the show for streaming until the end of this year. I have no doubt we will almost immediately get onto Netflix of Amazon at the end of this year.

James Duff - Dora Silva W wants to know when Sanchez is going to find love. I think you will have a better idea of why that hasn't happened yet!

James Duff  - Meghan E points out that Buzz's father and uncle were both murdered. And that murder was never solved. It may be that is why Buzz was so intent on becoming a reserve officer.

James Duff - Deborah L asks Jonathan Del Arco what the hardest part of playing Dr. Morales is? Jonathan says its learning the technical dialogue, all the medical stuff that gets in the way of his genius comic relief! Also, a little known fact: Jonathan is mostly phobic about dead bodies.

James Duff -  @Steve Tom congratulates us on our fiftieth ep! And it's hard to imagine getting here without him. @Steve Tom our thanks and hope to see you soon!

James Duff - Jessica M says that Raymond Cruz is the master of the no-smile, smile! He says he has a patent on the no-smile smile. and wants you to please not use it!

James Duff - Karla M G asks Phillip if his character has developed more since The Closer, and, of course, he says yes! And it's one of the things he likes most about doing the show: reacting to the crazy things that get said by criminals (and detectives!).

James Duff Gracie A asks if the Shandi relationship is based on anything I have seen, or people I have known. Contrary to Raymond's suggestion, that I am basing the relationship on all the time I spent with General and Mrs. Washington, the answer is yes! I know several people whose first marriages turned out so badly, they dropped the whole idea for years and years. Sharon always stood in for those people with me. And Andy, too. I wonder if they can start over, after having gotten by so long on their lonesomes (as we would say in Texas).

James Duff - Also, Rusty has to grow up, and start looking a little outward. This is a great way to help him reach beyond himself without making him a detective, which he is never going to be.

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