Friday, December 18, 2015

Floral Depravity & Frozen Cranberry Lemonade

Beverly Allen is here this week for Drinks with Reads whipping up a blended concoction to go with her novel Foral Depravity. 

Audrey Bloom, the heroine in the Bridal Bouquet Shop Mysteries, is a teetotaler who loves frozen drinks. She’s so in touch with her inner prude, however, that she once had trouble ordering a “virgin” margarita. 

But this frozen cranberry lemonade gets two green thumbs up!

3 cups shaved ice (or crushed ice if you have a really good blender. I don’t)
4-6 Tbsp frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed and shaken
¾ cup cranberry juice
Place ice in blender chamber. 

Add the lemonade concentrate. If you would like a mildly tart beverage, use 4Tbsp lemonade concentrate. If you’d prefer it so tart and sweet that you pucker while your teeth fall out (like my daughter does), go for the 6 Tbsp. 

Add the cranberry juice and let the blender do its thing. 

Variation: If you don’t like cranberry, replace the juice with water and increase the lemonade concentrate (if you need to).

Makes two (or one very large) servings.

You may sip while you read, of course. But Audrey Bloom isn’t likely to mix herself one of these in FLORAL DEPRAVITY, the third book in the Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery series. 

The reason? All she wanted to do was deliver the flowers for a quaint medieval handfasting ceremony. At first it was great. There was pageantry, knights, horses, trumpets. Everything was going great until the dove release (who knew about the hawks?). 

But the rent-a-friar performing the wedding turns out to be her long lost father, and then the father of the groom hits the dust, quite literally. Now she’s stuck, dressed like Joan of Arc, in a strict medieval recreationist camp with no blender, no freezer, no electricity, and no running water. Oh, and yeah, there’s a poisoner (poisonist?, poisonista?) on the loose. Her cousin is about to give birth any moment. And Audrey finally has to make up her mind about the two men in her life.

 “Beverly Allen has managed to once again pen a story of the highest caliber. She blends mystery, humor, and charmingly fun characters together to form the perfect bouquet for her readers to enjoy.”

—Lisa K’s Book Reviews

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