Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crafty Thursdays: Globe Clock

Kerry Hammond is here for Crafty Thursdays today to show us how to make a clock out of a globe. I love the end result of this craft and it doesn't look too hard...

For today’s craft, I am combining my love of travel and my love of clocks (daylight savings time at my house is not fun). The difficulty level for this craft will depend on the globe you find. Some globes are two hemispheres attached at the equator, and you can twist them apart. Others, like the one shown here, are a solid circle. I had a friend use a saw to cut it apart for me. If you don’t have a friend with a saw, and you don’t want to attempt to cut it on your own, search for a globe that twists apart. Flea markets and thrift stores are a good place to go.

Clock Works
Mounting Bracket (optional)

Step One: Cut Globe in Half
Again, if your globe twists apart, you’re all set. If not, a cut along the equator is in order. It won’t matter if your cut isn’t perfect, you will still be able to make two clocks and no one will be the wiser.

Step Two: Drill Hole at the Pole
Using a drill, make a hole at the center of the North or South Pole. This is where you will insert your clockworks.

Step Three: Attach Clockworks
These clockwork packs can be purchased at Michaels, and you can usually buy them with gold or black hands. Push the works through the hole you drilled and attach your hands as shown on the package, leaving the part that holds the battery inside your globe. So that my hands didn’t stick out too far, I put a few washers over the clock works before I pushed them through the hole, leaving less of an area sticking out to attach the hands.

Step Four: Hang
You can attach a fancy mounting bracket on the back, but I just hung mine from a nail on the wall.

The best part is that there are two halves of a globe, so when you make this project you have one for yourself and one to give as a gift. If you want to keep them both for yourself, you can set them to different time zones and hang a sign below each with the time zone or city name that corresponds to the time on the clock.

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