Monday, February 29, 2016

Major Crimes Chat Update

Major Crimes is on TNT tonight with the third episode in their five-part mini-season. For the past three years, Major Crimes Co-Creator and Executive Producer, James Duff has been doing a Facebook chat with fans on nights when the show airs. Mystery Playground provided recaps of these chats because due to Facebook formatting, the answers were hard to follow once the chat was over. 

Two weeks ago, Duff stopped doing the written chat and transitioned to a live video chat. This is a great way for him to reach more fans in an easily digestible format. It's so wonderful that Duff and his cast and crew take the time to reach out to their fans using social media. I'm glad they've found an easier way to reach more fans. 

Since the video format eliminates the need for the Mystery Playground recap, I wanted all of you to know why we aren't continuing our Monday night Major Crimes posts. I still love the show and we will look for other ways to cover it. You can still see our past recaps by searching Major Crimes on the main page of Mystery Playground

If you'd like to catch up James Duff's past two videos with Kerran Giovanni and GW Bailey you can find them by clicking the video tab on his Facebook page. 

Jonathan Del Arco, who plays Dr. Morales, has also started doing live chats (he actually started before Duff) and Tony Denison has also done a few. 

If you want to see Duff's chat tonight, watch the Major Crimes Facebook page for details later today. Then get in there and ask him your questions. 

Thank you for continuing to read Mystery Playground.