Monday, February 15, 2016

Major Crimes Returns Tonight

Major Crimes returns to TNT tonight to start a five episode mini-season ending March 14th. In this five series encapsulated story, we'll see a potential gang war exposing a corrupt past. Jason Gedrick joins the cast playing Lt. Tao's estranged police partner, a guy who was fired from the force because he perjured himself. That's about as far away from LT. Tao as you can get. 

This mini-season will also see the return of lawyer Peter Goldman (Curtis Armstrong) who you may remember prosecuted Brenda Leigh Johnson in The Closer when she took a gang member back to his house and he was killed shortly after he arrived. 

During the show hiatus, Ilona Arcari got a great story out of Greg LaVoi, costumer designer for The Closer and Major Crimes. It's all about the dress Kyra Sedgewick is wearing in the photo above. 

Greg LaVoi That red dress! Now there's a story!

Ilona Arcari I remember that this dress made it appearance in season 1. Would you share the red dress story with us Greg?

Greg LaVoi The red dress did make an appearance in Season was a very expensive dress and Warner Bros. own all the clothes bought for their shows. Having no idea that it would become an iconic dress for an iconic television character, when we wrapped Season 1 it was taken to WB as an asset. James Duff wrote the red dress into a scene ( how many seasons later Stacey K. Black) and since it was an iconic dress I rushed out to WB to find THE RED where to be found! Another show had rented it and not returned it...most likely. So I had to find the exact fabric and have my tailor re-create the dress in less than a week from continuity photos taken on set season 1. The color and white bands weren't exact, but, it's the effort that truly counted. From now on I keep every iconic piece till the show has shot its final episode...and Major Crimes is going strong!

Finally, James Duff will be on the Major Crimes Facebook page tonight at 9ET and 6PT to answer fans questions. 

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