Tuesday, February 2, 2016

XFiles "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" Review

Mia Giannotti, who runs the Target Addict blog, is here today to tell us how she feels about the latest episode in the new X Files reboot. You can see her review of the first two episodes here

Last night's installment of The X-Files - dubbed "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" - was actually a love letter to their faithful fans. A not so subtle nod to all the crazy "monster episodes" from the run of the first series, in this episode Mulder and Scully are chasing not a Were-Wolf but a "Were-Man": a creature that starts out a monster and is magically transformed to a man (instead of vice-versa).  At one point in the action, Scully proclaims "I had forgotten how much fun these cases can be!", and I couldn't agree more. 

This episode was chock-filled with references to the history of the show. Some were obvious, like when Mulder drinks himself into a stupor in the graveyard, only to be being jogged awake by his ringtone - the theme song for The X-Files. Others were more subtle, like when an encounter with a suspect turns violent and Scully tells Mulder not to worry. "Don't forget," she says. "I'm immortal." This was a wink to the classic episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," in which Clyde hinted that Scully was immortal. And some of the easter eggs were for for die hard fans only, like the scene with the gravestone for "Kim Manners", which was the name of a director from the original series who has since passed away. 

The character at the beginning of the episode who is sniffing paint to get high is played by Tyler Labine, who also played a stoner in "Quagmire" from Season 3 of The X-Files that just happened to be directed by ... Kim Manners.

This episode proved that at their best, Mulder and Scully can ooze chemistry and comedy at the same time. Alas, with only 2 episodes left of this current run, this will probably be the only laugh out loud episode of the bunch, but if future seasons are developed I'd love to see more comedic narratives like this one.

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