Saturday, March 26, 2016

Book Review: Alison Gaylin's What Remains of Me

Sharon Long is with us today to review Alison Gaylin new novel of psychological suspense, What Remains of Me. It's published by William Morrow. 

Kelly Lund, 17, shot and killed a director at a party in his home in the Hollywood hills. Kelly is convicted and spends 25 years in prison. Five years after her release, her father-in-law, a film legend, is killed in a similar fashion - shot in the forehead. Is this a coincidence or did Kelly commit another murder?  

The story moves from 1980 to 2010 with the two murders playing out in alternating chapters. The reader learns about Kelly as a teenager partying with young actors and doing drugs. We find out about her twin sister’s death and if it was suicide along with more about Kelly’s parents, a stunt man and a makeup artist. Throughout the book details surface, bringing the past and present closer together. 

I enjoyed Alison’s writing style specifically how Kelly put her thoughts in drawers and shut them away so she did not have to think about them. 

This story is character driven and depicts the Hollywood lifestyle of actors, producers, money and buying secrets. The ending is surprising and not expected. Kelly mentions in the book, many things are better left unsaid, which is a theme running throughout. What Remains of Me is a story of guilt and innocence or is everything a lie. 
This book was provided to Mystery Playground by the publisher. The review is fair and independent. 

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  1. I like Hollywood settings, it's something that I have no experience with so it's glamorous. I've read Alison Gaylin's books before, and they're wonderful.

  2. I read this one too. Really enjoyed it.