Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Chocolate Cumberbunny

A chocolate maker in the UK by the name of The Chocolatician has made the ultimate Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate easter treat - the Chocolate Cumberbunny. It's a chocolate Easter bunny with the face of Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Fans of the Sherlock star are sometimes called Cumberbunnies (and sometimes self-proclaimed, Cumberbitches) so the Chocolatician decided to show off her Cumberfandom for Easter. The treats are made of different flavors of Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with edible "lustre dust." 

Cumberbunnies start at approximately $71 US dollars (50 British pounds) and can be ordered from this site.

If Chocolate Cumberbunnies aren't your thing, you can always try the chocolate Jimmy Choos...

I first saw this on Mashable

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