Thursday, June 16, 2016

Agatha Christie Detective Trio

Agatha Christie fans will get a kick out of this week's craft - detective art.

This one is easy once you get the supplies. Here's what you need:

Step One:
Unwrap the plastic from the canvas at Michaels. Carefully cut around the figure of one of the detectives like the photo below. Cut carefully. Keep cutting until you have cutouts of Miss Marple, Tommy & Tuppence (together) and Poirot. The hardest part is Poirot's cane, but don't worry if you cut it off. 

Step Two:
Put your cut out on your canvas where you would like it to sit. Use the pencil to make a couple of marks to guide you. 

Step Three:
Spread Elmers Glue all over the back of one of your cutouts. Be careful to get some near but not over the edges. Less is more here.

Step Five:
Put the cut out on the canvas. Gently press. Use the damp paper towel to push out bubbles and to wipe off any excess glue at the edges.

This is all you need for Tommy & Tuppence and for Miss Marple. Poirot requires one more step.

Step Six:
Take your ruler and your thin line sharpie and draw in the Poirot's cane. It goes parallel to Poirot and ends before his feet.

And you're done.


  1. Another great project on crafty Thursday,

  2. I absolutely love this. So clever!

  3. OMG this is so cool. I need to do this.

  4. Cool! I've actually made "Poirot"-themed fabric for my own use on Spoonflower, and received a yard of it in the mail today! I make quilts.