Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads Lee Child

The Denver-based Crime & Beyond Book Club is at it again with this month's pick, Lee Child's Make Me. Kerry Hammond reports back. 

Last month the Crime & Beyond Book Club met to discuss Make Me, the latest book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. The members of the Crime & Beyond Book Club are huge fans of Jack Reacher and the author who created him. We read most of the books in the series as they come out and we even took a field trip to see the movie Jack Reacher, based on the Lee Child character.

Make Me is the 20th book in the Jack Reacher series. The book opens as the dead body of a large man is buried with a backhoe in the middle of nowhere, USA, also known as Mother’s Rest. When Reacher (a similarly large man) arrives on the train in Mother’s Rest, Michelle Chang, ex-FBI agent and current private investigator, meets him at the station. She is looking for her colleague, Keever, and realizes that not only is Reacher not Keever, but that Keever isn’t going to show up.

In true Reacher fashion, he decides to help Chang. Partly because he likes the look of her, and partly because he’s just wandering around with nothing else to do. As the two investigate the disappearance of Keever, they find out that he most likely uncovered something that the residents of Mother’s Rest did not want uncovered, something possibly related to the Deep Web of the Internet. And then there is the question that seems to be haunting Reacher……why is the town called Mother’s Rest?

Reacher has a sidekick in each of the books and, not surprisingly, many of them are of the female persuasion. Many of them also end up having a little fling with our hero. We really liked the Make Me sidekick, Michelle Chang. She was a perfect match for Reacher and added a lot to the storyline. In this book we also see a slight physical vulnerability in Reacher. The discussion of the Deep Web was fascinating and probably closer to the truth that we’d like to think. Another great book in a great series.

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