Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Agatha Christie Stamps

The British Royal Post office has outdone themselves with the coolest stamps ever. Agatha Christie themed stamps that are beautiful and interactive. There are six stamps paying homage to six stories:

Murder on the Orient Express
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
The Body in the Library
And Then There Were None
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

A Murder is Announced

As if these beautiful stamps weren't enough, each stamp includes "hidden secrets" in the form of messaging in hidden ink. 
And yes, they will ship these beauties to the US. I've already ordered mine

Thanks for the heads up, Janet Rudolph at Mystery Fanfare


  1. I've ordered mine as well, along with the set of postcards that don't have the hidden clues, but still. Aren't these the coolest?!

    1. They are so the coolest! I can't wait until mine arrive.

  2. My older sister read Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" when she was in high school so of course I had to read it too! Agatha Christie is a great writer, I especially like the way she describes people so the reader can picture them!