Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dancing Skeleton Necklace

It's the time of year when everyone's thoughts turn to dancing skeletons. Ok, maybe just mine. I love the dancing skeleton cartoon from Disney's Silly Symphonies, so I set out to make a necklace that reminiscent of it. Hobby Lobby cooperated with my aspirations by stocking the skeleton charms above. They are the perfect size and they have joints that allow them to dance when you move. 

Here are the materials you'll need to make your own Dancing Skeleton necklace.

  • Three Dancing Skeleton charms from Metal Gallery. I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but other places probable have them.
  • Three - five round beads - I used purple AB Swarovski crystals because I had them and they're pretty, but anything you like will do. 
  • Silver chain
  • Silver wire
  • Necklace catch
  • Jewelers pliers - roundnose and flat & wire cutters (regular sized tools used for other purposes can be overkill for this and hard to use.)
Step One:
Cut your chain to the desired length. The best way to do this is put it around your neck and gauge how long you'd like it. I made this one a little longer than usual so there would be more swing. 

Step Two:
Cut a one inch piece of wire. Then use the pliers to make a loop and slide into the exact midpoint of your chain. This is where the center skeleton will hang. Here's what the loop looks like:

Step Three:
Wrap the short piece of wire around the long piece (see photo below) and then put your bead on the long piece. 

Now make another loop on the bottom end and string you skeleton charm through the end. Now loop it around as you did before.

Step Four:
Cut another piece of wire and repeat this process with a second skeleton charm. I did mine about two inches from the first one, but you can place it anywhere that looks good to you. The photo below shows them about one inch apart, but when I wore it the skeletons ran into one another so I separated them out. 

Aren't these guys cute?

Step Five:
Repeat with the third skeleton. 

Step Six:
Open the loop on the bottom of the necklace catch (not the end that you use to close the necklace). Put it at the end of one side of the chain and close.  I used a bigger link chain, so I didn't put a ring at the other end of the necklace, but you may want to. 

Step Seven:
I added purple beads on the main chain in between the skeletons for some extra sparkle. I did this with pins and used the same loop technique. 

And your done! Just in time for Halloween.

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