Saturday, September 10, 2016

Greg Iles' Mississippi Blood

Greg Isles' Mississippi Blood comes out in early 2017, but you can read an excerpt now over on Entertainment Weekly. It depends on how strong your willpower... 

Mississippi Blood is the third book in the Natchez trilogy and we are doing a read along (see schedule below). If you are reading along with us, you may want to wait on the excerpt, or if you've already read The Bone Tree, you may want to dive right in. 

Here's the read along schedule:

Book 1: Natchez Burning - Today - September 19th

Book 2: The Bone Tree - September 13th - October 6th

And here's the reading guide for Natchez Burning
 if you want to take a look or use it for your book club. 

Stay tuned for more on this excellent series. Isn't Mississippi Blood a great title for a novel? 

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