Thursday, October 6, 2016

Barfing Squash Salsa Platter

Today we're making Halloween party food with the barfing gourd salsa platter. This is a quick and easy Halloween dish that people will talk about. 

Here's what you need:

  • A squash or gourd, I used a butternut squash
  • Something for the nose - I used a cherry tomato, but a pepper would also work
  • Olives for the eyes. I used black olives, but green could also be used
  • Tooth picks or BBQ picks like I used below
  • Salsa!
  • A shallow bowl
  • A grapefruit spoon

Let's get started!

Step One:
Cut a round hole in the squash for the mouth. I used a knife to score it, and then hallowed it out with a grapefruit spoon.

Step Two:
Get as many of the seeds out as you can and then rinse the inside with water. The squash will now look like this:

Step Three:
Break off the pointy end of a tooth pick or BBQ stick and stick it into the squash where the nose should be. Put the tomato on the other end. Next do the same with each olive eye. 

Step Four:
Put the squash into the shallow bowl and fill the bowl with salsa around the squash. Wipe away excess. then spoon salsa into the open mouth of the squash so it looks like it's coming out of his mouth. 

And you're done! It took me all of five minutes. Here's another version with different materials for eyes and nose:

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