Thursday, October 13, 2016

Embellished Halloween Fascinators

Here's a fast Halloween accessory that's easy and quick to make - a mad hatter-esque fascinator. 

I found the basic fascinators at JoAnn Fabrics, and they looked great just on their own. But then I got the idea to add a veil out of blood splatter tuille because why just have a normal Halloween fascinator, right?

Here's what you need:

  • A basic fascinator
  • Blood splatter tulle, or regular tulle or netting
  • Needle and black thread
  • Glue

Step One:
Cut your tulle. This tulle had a natural edge, so I used that for the bottom so it didn't need to be hemmed - short cuts are the name of the game in fast costume making. Make it at least two inches longer than you want it, because it will be glued to the hat and that takes away a few inches. 

Step Two:
Gather it up in your hands so you can arrange it how you want it. My fascinator is tilted so you may want to make one side a little longer than the other, but it's really up to you. 

Step Three:
Try it on the hat and arrange it. This will give you a chance to fuss with it until it's where you want it. 

Step Four:
Once it's ready, sew the tulle together with your needle and black thread. 

Step Five:
Glue the tulle to the fascinator. I used Elmer's to do this but it required me holding it for a few minutes until it dried somewhat. The fascinator was too awkward to lay down, and when I did, the tulle came off. But holding it worked. 

Once the glue is dry, you're done. You can also add different ribbon or add a black or dark red flower.

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