Thursday, November 10, 2016

Craft Thursdays: Book Cover iPhone Case

It’s Crafty Thursday and Kerry Hammond is here to show us how to make a custom book-themed cover for your iPhone case.

Are you bored with your plain iPhone case but haven’t found one you like (or don’t want to spend the money)? Here is a way to make your own personalized cover using just an old paper cover from a book. I used a Miss Marple.

Cell Phone Case
Book Cover
Mod Podge

Step One: Create a Template
Put your iPhone case upside down on a white piece of cardstock and trace the outline of the case, as well as the opening for the camera lens. Cut out your template.

Step Two: Cut Your Cover
Set your template on your book cover where you want to the cut out to be. Trace around your template, making sure that you have it going the right way so that the hole for the camera lens is in the right place.

Step Three: Mod Podge
Using a paintbrush, paint Mod Podge on the iPhone case as well as the underside of the book cover cut out and stick them together. Allow it to dry enough that your cover isn’t sliding off the case. Once it’s secure, paint over the good side of the book cover to seal and create a shiny finish. This will dry clear, so no need to worry that it’s white when you first put it on.

Once it’s dry, you can use it. This is more durable that it might seem. My husband made one using a map (shown here) and even though he’s put it in and out of his pocket several hundred times, it still looks like new.


  1. That is really very cool DIY. Using a book cover on iPhone Case is kind of unique idea. I just loved it. It looks really good. Thanks for sharing.