Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

At Mystery Playground we love short mystery fiction and that includes Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. The magazine announced recently that it is doubling the size of the issues and reducing the number of times it comes out. Same amount of stories, just in larger packages fewer times a year. The magazine is available both in paper and electronically, but I must admit there is something special about holding the paper issue in my hands while I read. 

The January/February issue has stories from David Dean, Marilyn Todd, Brendan DuBois, Bill Pippin and Amy Myers. One of my favorite stories in this issue is the "The Client, The Cat, The Wife and The Autopsy" by Peter Hochstein. 

The world's largest mystery convention, called Bouchercon, will honor Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine for distinguished contribution to the genre in Toronto this year.

If you love little bit sized pieces of mystery fiction, you can't go wrong with Ellery Queen. 

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