Thursday, January 5, 2017

Quick and Easy Book Necklace #DIY

With the holidays behind us and work getting back in full swing, I thought we'd ease into 2017 with a super easy, fast and satisfying craft - the book pendant show above. Once you get your materials, you can make this in 3 minutes flat. 


  • Book pendant. I used one from Bead Treasures but there are others out there as well. 
  • A leather necklace with crimp closure. I got mine online. You can also buy the crimp closures online and crimp both sides of the leather.
  • Flat nosed jewelry pliers, although for this one, you could probably use regular pliers.

Step One:
Thread the leather through the ring on the book pendant.

Step Two:
Put the leather in the other side of the crimp. Take your pliers and crimp the leather side. 

And you're done. Super easy and you can make it with any charm you like if the book isn't your speed. 


  1. I love it! A craft that is easy for those of us, who are craft challenged!!

    1. Thank you Sharon. This one is fun and very satisfying.

  2. This is the perfect craft: easy to make but looks like it wasn't! I'm definitely trying this one.