Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snuggle Up For Movies at Home Night

With storms brewing outside it is the perfect time to catch up on your at home movie watching. Our family did way more of this than usual over the holidays and we found so many excellent movies that we enjoyed that I had to share. 

Our first pick is Genius, the story of the author Tom Wolfe and his editor at Simon & Schuster, Max Perkins. Jude Law plays Wolfe and Colin Firth plays Perkins. This is an enthralling movie the Perkins-Wolfe bromance as they edited Of Time and The River. Perkins also edited F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway, and both are portrayed briefly in the movie. We found this on HBO. 

Here's a clip:

Our second pick is Denial, starring Rachel Weiss as University Professor Deborah Lipstadt. Based on a true story, this movie depicts Lipstadt as she defends herself against a defamation suit in the UK after she calls a Holocaust denier a name in a book. That this trial even happened is totally amazing. The movie is immersive and thought provoking. This was on pay per view.

Here is the trailer:

Our special mention is Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy as a CIA analyst who goes into the field when her partner, also played by Jude Law, disappears. This one has been out since 2015 and we covered it when it first hit the theaters, but it was so fun, I thought it was worth mentioning again in case you hadn't seen it. It is as light as the other two movies are serious. This was on HBO.

Here is the trailer:

Have you enjoyed at movie at home lately? If so, let us know. It's so much easier to find gold through recommendations from friends. 

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