Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thrilling Valentine's Day Card

We're gearing you up for Valentine's Day with another homemade valentine with a mystery theme. Lorraine Masonheimer walks us through her latest paper craft that she links to one of her favorite authors, Jo Nesbo.

INKPAD:   ColorBox Chalk Charcoal

STAMPS:   Stampabilities Be My Valentine CR1117

DIE-CUT:   Memory Box Hearts 30006, 3.4x3.6”, 1.4x1.3” and .8x.7” & Exquisite Heart 99364

OTHER:  8 1/2” x 11” cream cardstock, 8 ½” x 11” patterned red, and black cardstock, cream velum, page or copy from a book, black and white self-adhesive pearls, Gelly Roll Sparkle Pen, black ribbon/trim, glue dots, scissors, x-acto blade, Big Shot die cutting machine, computer, printer and Microsoft Word.

Step One:  Card Base
Score an 8 ½ x 11” cream cardstock at 5 ½” and fold in half and set aside.

Step Two:  Die Cut & Tear
Make a color copy of the cover of a favorite Jo Nesbo book.  Place the large heart die over the title and color most pleasing for the cover selected.  Run the paper through the big shot and remove the heart shape.  If desired, draw a 3 ½” heart and use scissors instead of the die.  Cut a 1.4x1.3” heart from the Nesbo cover copy, and one each .8 x .7” from the black and red paper.  Set aside.

Place the Exquisite Heart scroll die onto cream velum and run the paper through the die cutting machine and set aside.

Step Three:  Angled Cuts & Tear
Measure the black paper placing a small mark at 5” on the top right side, a small mark at 5 ½” ” on the bottom left corner and 6 1/2" on the bottom right side and cut as shown. 

Take the red paper, and cut to 1 ½” x 5 ½” using the same angle and the black paper.  Tear approximately a 1 ½” x 5” section from a book page or photocopy a page from Nesbo’s book. 

Step Four:  Text Block & Trim
Using the computer, open a word document and select the insert tab at the top of the toolbar.  Select text box and draw a 2 1/2” x 2½ “ box.  Select the home tab, place the cursor in the text box and type the words “have a” on one line, double space and type “thrilling,” double space and type “Valentine’s,” double space and type “Day.” 

Highlight the box, right click to format shape, select solid fill, go to color, select Black, Text 1 and hit OK.

Highlight the type and select the font of your choice.  The example used Tempus Sans ITC at 22 points.  Print and cut into 4 rectangular boxes, approximately 2 ½” x ½” each. 

Step Five:  Assemble & Glue
Assemble the card as shown starting with the black paper and glue the left corners to the base.  Slip the torn paper behind the black and glue to the black paper.  Slip the red paper behind the torn paper and glue to the card base.  Glue the torn paper to the red paper. To add richness to the card, embellish with white and black pearls and black trim or ribbon. 

Step Six:  Stamp, Cut & Glue (Inside)
Stamp the words “Be My Valentine” or the sentiment of your choice using charcoal ink onto the cream card.  If desired, use paper scrap hearts and shapes for added interest and assemble as shown.  Use scraps to add interest to the envelope flap.

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