Monday, January 23, 2017


One of my favorite new shows this season is Timeless, on Monday nights at 10pm on NBC. The reason it's called Timeless is because our heroes - a historian named Lucy Preston (played by Abigail Spencer), a soldier named Wyatt Logan (played by Matt Latner) and a pilot/techie named Rufus Carlin (played by Malcome Barnett) travel in time to save the world from another time traveler determined to change history for his own selfish purposes. Or maybe he's trying to save the world, we aren't quite sure yet.

The show is set in the current day and a small group of scientists have cracked the code for time travel. But one of two of the time travel machines is stolen, it's pilot kidnapped.

But what's really been fun about this show is the locations they travel to and the wonder the team, especially Lucy, feels at meeting famous historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Harry Houdini and Benedict Arnold. And I can't blame her. 

The stakes are high as history keeps getting changed. Lucy's sister has already disappeared from existence and that's just someone she knows about because she was in the time machine. If someone else's existence disappeared, we wouldn't know because they never existed.  Yes the show can can be a little timey whimey, but not too much. 

The costumes and what they have to deal with throughout history is great fun.

Here's a trailer for tonight's show with Jesse James:

If you want to start from the beginning, you can see the pilot on the NBC website


  1. Looks so good - I'm setting up season pass right now.

  2. I love this show,I look forward to watching it every Monday night, love these characters.