Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love an Author, Leave a Review

Reviews in places like Amazon or Goodreads are like gold to new and up and coming authors so here at Mystery Playground we're trying a little experiment. 

We're going to give away a prize to the first three people to review a mystery or thriller on Amazon (US residents only). At least two paragraphs. You need to have read the book. It should be something you liked, because bad reviews don't spread joy, even though they have their place. 

It would be great if you could review an author that doesn't have many reviews, but it's not a requirement. Once you finish, make a comment below linking your review and pick your prize from those that are left. Once someone has spoken for a prize, it's gone. You must link your reviews before you pick your prize. You must leave your e-mail address or send it via private message to me on our Facebook page, or I won't be able to find you. There are only three prizes. Once they are claimed, it's over. You are in no way obligated to review any of the prize books. 

So why are we doing this? 

Well, authors need reviews to help them find new readers. You get a prize, some wonderful author out there gets a little bit of encouragement. So everyone wins.

I'm not sure people will take the time to help out. So if you see this post and feel like helping, please tell a friend - share it on your Facebook page or Twitter account. After you finish your reviews and pick your prize, of course. If we get the three winners, we'll do this again in March. 

If you love a novel, it's time to share your love. 

Here are the prizes that you can choose from:

1) An Agatha Christie tote bag from Harper Collins, plus paperback copy of Agatha Christie's After the Funeral. - TAKEN

2) A make up bag signed by Sue Grafton, Marcia Muller and Jan Burke and a copy of the July issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine. - TAKEN 

3) A paperback copy of Catriona McPherson's The Day She Died, a make up bag signed by Catriona and a key fob made from a real bullet. - TAKEN

Thanks for playing! 

You can find Mystery Playground on Twitter @mysteryplaygrnd 


  1. How fun! I'll pick prize #3 (it'll help me with my Goodreads goal). Here's a link - I hope - to my review of DUPLICITY by Ingrid Thoft:


    It's also linked to my blog: http://marysuttonauthor.com/book-review-duplicity/

    mary AT summaria DOT net

  2. It's so hard to choose just one. I love mysteries and am finding new authors all the time. So many books So little reading time


  3. Thanks for the much needed kick in the pants to sit down and write a review. I'm feeling inspired and plan to do a few more! Our favorite authors work so hard for us it's the least we can do to help them out but writing reviews! I will choose prize number two if I am lucky enough to have made it in time. Below is my Goodreads link which I will also put up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
    Becky Lewis
    rlewis11797 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  4. We have all of our winners - Mary Sutton, Thomas Palmer and Bec. Thomas submitted on the Facebook page.

  5. What a great idea! Anything that reminds people of the important of reviews and of how easy they are to do is much appreciated by everyone.