Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cooking with Major Crimes' Kearran Giovanni

Kearran Giovanni stars as Detective Amy Sykes on TNT's Major Crimes, but one of her favorite hobbies is cooking. She took the time out to answer a few questions about the kitchen on breaks while she was filming a guest appearance on ABC's Designated Survivor in Toronto. Her character on Designated Survivor is Senator Diana Harris, modeled somewhat like Senator Kamala Harris of California. The episodes are numbers 116 and 117, and we'll let you know when they are ready to run. 

From the set of Designated Survivor

But before we get started, you may want to check out this virtual reality 360 video of Kearran's Major Crimes' character Amy Sykes in court. That's Jeri Ryan, Star Trek's Seven of Nine, asking the questions. 

And now let's get cooking with Kearran:

Who inspired your cooking? 

My parents. My mother was an amazing cook. My father is Cajun French so that inspired a lot of my mothers and my own cooking. I grew up in Louisiana and food is love in the south. 

What are your favorite meals?

Gumbo, a good steak dinner, seafood any shape or form.

As a busy Mom, do you cook differently for your kids?

I don't make 2 separate meals for them....I try and take recipes I know and love and just "kid friendly" them a bit. They will pretty much try anything. We are lucky.

What is a favorite dish or dessert your children like?

Oh man! Anything with sugar! Seriously though, we are not the LA norm...we have dessert after pretty much every meal. Something small...but a cookie, and scoop of gelato or sorbet. They love my Louisiana Crunch Cake with toasted coconut! As far as dish, they LOVE fish! Chilean sea bass pan seared with lemon, capers, and butter...butter makes everything better:)

Louisiana Crunch Cake


  1. My kinda of cooking! Who wouldn't want dessert after every meal!! I'm with her. Louisiana crunch cake sounds like heaven.

  2. Kearran, butter does indeed make everything better!!! thanks for a great blogpost.

  3. love this. I love Kearran on Major Crimes!

  4. Great post, I love to hear about the real life things that make our favorite characters tick. The cake sounds amazing!