Saturday, April 8, 2017

Crime Poetry - Testimony

April is Poetry month so at Mystery Playground we are helping celebrate by running poems about crime from The Five-Two, that fabulous weekly poetry blog run by Gerald So. Gerald runs a 30 Days of the Five Two blog tour every April, and you can follow all of the action on Twitter at #30ofthe52. Today were celebrating with Lida Bushloper's excellent poem, "Testimony".


by Lida Bushloper

When I called the cops,
I said he had a gun.
It wasn't true.
I thought it would make them hurry,
and it did.
When they asked for ID and he
reached into his back pocket
(where he kept his wallet, after all)
they thought he was going for a gun.
They killed him in that ol' "hail of bullets" you hear about.

I know I said he had a gun,
but it's not my fault
they believed me.

Here is poet Sarah Stockton reading "Testimony".

Here is Lida's bio:

LIDA BUSHLOPER writes short mysteries and poetry. Her work has appeared in The Lyric, The Formalist, Kings River Life, Mysterical-E, and Flash Bang Mysteries. Visit her website at

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