Thursday, April 13, 2017

DIY Conference Bag Charms

This week our project is Conference Bag Tags. These little markers are to help you differentiate your conference bag from the person sitting next to you with the exact same conference bag. These are handy and easy to make. I made several versions to show you the versatility. 

Let's start with the materials for the book charm above.

For this bag charm, I used:

  • One Fairytale Book Charm (This came from Hobby Lobby)
  • Flat nosed pliers
  • A three-inch ball chain with closure (sometimes called a key ring ball chain)
  • An o-ring

Step One:
Open the o-ring with the pliers and put it though the ring on the top of the book. Close the o-ring. Then thread through the ball chain and close it. Now you're done.

Here's another version with a watch face on the right. For this you'll need a bail and e6000 glue in addition to the ball chain.

Just glue the bail to the back of the watch face. 

Wait until the glue dries and run the ball chain through the top of the bail. 

Here are a few others that I made. They are so satisfying to make and you can use left over supplies. You can also use them as purse charms. 

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