Thursday, June 1, 2017

Book Page Lampshade - DIY

This week on Crafty Thursdays we're making book page lampshades. This is a fun, fast and easy project. 


  • Plain lampshade
  • Scissors 
  • Mod Podge
  • Brushes
  • Pages from a ruined book - a large reference book with thinner pages works best, but I've done it with thinner and thicker pages.
  • Old table cloth or newspaper to protect your table

Step One:
Remove the pages from the book. You'll need enough to cover the lampshade a a few extras. 
Step Two: 
Use the paint brush to light cover one side of the page with Mod Podge and gently place on the lampshade as desired. I applied mine intentionally and obviously crooked so I didn't have to deal with lining anything up. Smooth out the page as much as you can before it dries. I just used my hands. Washing them each time I applied a page. 

Step Three:
As you work cut the pages as they overflow the top leaving 1/4 inch to fold over the top of the lamp. Repeat steps three and four until the lampshade is covered. 

Step Four:
Let it dry. Then apply Mod Podge evenly across the outside of the lampshade. Let dry again.

And you're done! 

You'll notice that the final photo is different than the one we used to demonstrate the craft - that's because one of my friends wanted the final lampshade and I gave it to her before we took the final photo - doh! Well no mind, because I made one for myself and that's below so you can see the final effect.