Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hallmark Mysteries Channel: Mystery Woman

Kerry Hammond has been watching the Hallmark Channel again, and today she's talking about Mystery Woman, starring Kellie Martin.

The Hallmark Mystery series Mystery Woman isn’t based on a book series, but the main character, Samantha Kinsey (played by Kellie Martin), is the owner of the Mystery Woman bookstore. Samantha inherited the shop from her uncle and runs it with the help of Philby (played by Clarence Williams III). Cassie and Chief Connors are on the side of law and order, Cassie is the Assistant District Attorney and Chief Connors the police officer who investigates the crimes and wishes Samantha would stop interfering. 

We learn quickly that Samantha is also an amateur photographer, which comes in handy when she gets great photos of suspects and evidence, all of which she develops herself in her darkroom at the bookstore. We learn that Philby used to be a secret government agent and his contacts come in handy when the two get involved in the murders they investigate.

Set and filmed in California, the show is fun to watch. One of my favorite episodes deals with a book signing by a famous author with a sordid past. There is an attempt on her life while she’s at Mystery Woman signing her book and Samantha finds evidence to show the ingenious way the gun was fired.

There are eleven movies in the series, and they were filmed from 2003-2007. Hallmark still runs the reruns occasionally, but you can also purchase them online—my library even carries a few of them. 

Here's a snippet:

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