Thursday, July 20, 2017

Murder on the Orient Express - Pocket Watch Ornament

Every Thursday in July we are making a new ornament for our Murder on the Orient Express Christmas tree. This week we're featuring the pocket watch ornament. The pocket watch represents another clue left at the scene, but looks great on a tree so deserves to be an ornament of its own. We added the gold button that was also a clue found at the scene, just to give it a little more flair.

Pocket Watch (preferably with movable hands)
Gold button

Step One: Attach Your Ribbon Hanger
Cut your ribbon to the size you need and loop it through the gold button and the top of the pocket watch. Tie a knot in the end and position your gold button so it shows from the front.

Step Two: Set and Glue Watch Hands
If your pocket watches have hands, set them so that the time is 1:15, which is the time shown on the broken pocket watch in the book. Put a dab of glue under each hand so that the time stays at 1:15 and doesn’t move when you’re packing and unpacking your tree ornaments each year. The ornament pictured here shows what happens if you don’t glue the hands, our watch isn’t showing the correct time.

If your watch doesn’t have hands, you can use black paint to paint them to the time, then you won’t need to glue anything. You can also glue fake hands to the watch face, using a sliver of black or gold paper or wire.

Here is the ornament on the tree next to last week's project, the clues ornament. 

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