Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hallmark Mysteries Channel: The Gourmet Detective

Kerry Hammond has another highlight of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel today, this time she’s telling us all about The Gourmet Detective series.

Peter King is the author of eight books in The Gourmet Detective series. The Gourmet Detective didn’t originally plan to be an actual detective. He was hired by chefs in the restaurant world to help them with unusual culinary needs. He might help a chef find an importer of a rare spice needed for a recipe or ferret out the ingredients used in a tasty dish. But he ended up getting involved in real detecting when he was on a case, trying to figure out who was sabotaging one of the top restaurants in London. After that, murder seemed to follow him around as it did Jessica Fletcher. In one instance it even followed him to a cooking conference at a Swiss spa.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel’s Gourmet Detective series stars Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns. Neal plays the Gourmet Detective Henry, a chef who helps the police, specifically Burns’ character Maggie, solve murders that happen in the culinary scene of San Francisco. He uses his knowledge of food and the restaurant world to assist; there is, of course, a bit of romantic tension between the two characters as well.

The Hallmark series is entertaining, but probably my least favorite of all of their books-to-movies programing. Mostly because I really enjoyed the books and the fact that they take place in London. They are also a bit cozier than the movies, which take on a police procedural feel. Hallmark uses several of the book titles and plots for the movies, including Death al Dente; A Healthy Place to Die; and Eat, Drink and Be Buried.

If you want to give the movies a try you can watch the first in the series, The Gourmet Detective, on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel on August 28.

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