Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review: Girl in the Snow

September is read a book from an author you've never read before month, so reviewer Sharon Long picked up Danya Kukafka's debut thriller novel from Simon & Schuster, Girl in the Snow. 

You can find a new author you love, if you never read books by authors you haven't read before. That's why I decided to find a book by an author that I had never read before and review it. I selected Girl in the Snow by Danya Kukafka.
I was intrigued by the cover and the setting which is in Northern Colorado. Since I am a native and live in Colorado, I enjoy reading books set in my home state. 
Lucinda’s dead body is found on the playground of the elementary school by the janitor. There is blood and a light layer on snow on her body. It is announced during assembly and her fellow high school classmates are speculating on the cause of her death. The boys say rape and the girls suicide. The story enfolds through three characters with the chapters alternating between them. 
Cameron stalked Lucinda and was infatuated with her. He is broken and devastated by her death. His mother finds him sitting on the floor of his room with many sketches of Lucinda all around him. Cameron tells her he did not really capture her and now she is gone. Cameron is awkward and fascinated by watching people and what they do when they think no one is watching. He hates himself for this but cannot stop.  
Jade was dragged to Lucinda’s house so their younger sisters could play. However, Jade and Lucinda were not close and did not talk with each other. Jade’s sister is crying and upset over the death but Jade is sadistic and uncaring. She was jealous of Lucinda because she stole her boyfriend. Jade knows some of Cameron’s secrets.
Ross is a local cop, who is called in to help investigate the death. He is still plagued by Cameron’s father leaving the force and town after being accused of assaulting a young woman. The investigation has two suspects the janitor, who is his wife’s brother and Cameron. 

What I enjoyed about this book was the way it is written which is how we think, disjointed, and jumping from thing to thing. Cameron, Jade, and Ross all become intertwined in the story. While the reader does find out what happened to Lucinda, that is not the point of the story. This book is about relationships, thoughts, feelings and how we think about ourselves. 

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