Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Halloween M&Ms & Candy Corn Taste Test

Here at Mystery Playground, we take our Halloween very seriously and here in California many of the stores are already gilded with fake bats, pumpkins and masks, despite the big heat wave we're having. 

To help you get prepared for the Halloween treat buying season, we rounded up some of the craziest chameleon candy - that's what I called candy that is trying to taste like something else -- that we could find and tasted it to see if we liked it more than the original version. 

Pumpkin Pie MnMs at the top of the plate, Candy Corn MnMs at the bottom

We tried 4 flavors:

  • Pumpkin Pie M&Ms
  • Cookies & Screeeem M&Ms 
  • Candy Corn M&Ms
  • Sea Salt and Chocolate Candy Corn

It seemed only fair to try Candy Corn that tasted like Chocolate if we were going to try M&Ms that tasted like Candy Corn. We also had regular M&Ms to compare to our flavored M&Ms. 

Let's take these one at a time:

Pumpkin Pie M&Ms
These are white chocolate with pumpkin pie spices on the inside, with that same old M&M candy coating on the outside, but in festive fall colors. 

Tasting Notes: The white chocolate is creamy and the pumpkin pie spice adds a little kick. 

Did we like them better than regular M&Ms? No, we all like regular M&Ms better. 

Did we like them better than Pumpkin Pie? Absolutely not. 

Verdict: Getting real pumpkin pie and original M&Ms in any combination would be better. 

Chocolate Candy corn and Cookies and Screeem MnMs

Cookies and Screeeem M&Ms 
These have white chocolate on the inside and a special candy coating made to taste something like Oreos. They aren't branded with the Oreos name, but the photo on the bag looks like Oreos to me. The candies themselves are black on the outside with white specs. I think these may be exclusive to Target, but you might want to check.  

Tasting Notes: These are really good and the flavor reminds me of an Oreo.

Did we like them better than regular M&Ms? Maybe for a special occasion, but not all the time. 

Did we like them better than Oreos? Not really. When you want an Oreo, just eat an Oreo. But I have to say they have Oreos in a bunch of flavors too. 

Candy Corn M&Ms
These are white chocolate with traditional candy corn colors on the outside M&M coating. 

Tasting Notes: These did taste quite a bit like Candy Corn. They are very sweet. 

Did we like them better than candy corn? Almost, but I like to mix my candy corn with peanuts for the salty sweet flavor and that would be hard to do with this.

Did we like them better than original M&Ms? No. 

Sea Salt & Chocolate Candy Corn
These look like regular candy corn but smell like chocolate.

Tasting notes: These really taste similar to but not exactly like chocolate, but the texture is different. 

Do we like the chocolate corn better than regular candy corn? No. 

Do we like this candy corn better than chocolate? No. Stick with regular chocolate.

So our ultimate conclusion is stick with the tried and true originals unless you want to grab a bag of Cookies and Scream M&Ms for a little Halloween surprise. 

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