Thursday, September 28, 2017

Orient Express Napkin Rings

Our preparation for the Murder on the Orient Express party continues. Last week we showed you how to make a ticket invitation and today we're sharing instructions for these napkin rings designed by Lorraine Masonheimer.

Concept: The loose button from the Compagnie Internationale des Wagon Lits uniform has found a home slipped onto the infamous pipe cleaner and tucked into the center of a black fabric flower to make an Orient Express napkin ring.  A luggage tag with a key dangles from the bottom.

Black pipe cleaners (3)
Gold button
Key charm
Flower-like black fabric trim
Black twine
Gold mini circle brads (3)
Round paper punch
Black/brown leather texture paper
Tan paper

Step One:  Assemble Luggage Tag
Cut a 2½” x 1½” rectangle from the black/brown leather texture paper.  Cut a 2½” x 1½” rectangle from the center. 

Using the computer, type and print onto tan paper the words: “Name, Address, Telephone” as shown.  This example uses AR Julian at 11 points. 

Cut to fit and glue to the leather rectangle.  Punch a hole in each corner and insert three gold brads leaving the upper left corner empty.

Step Two:  String Button, Key and Luggage Tag
String the button onto three black pipe cleaners. 

Using the black twine, tie the key to the luggage tag and the luggage tag onto the button leaving about 2” to dangle. 

Step Three: Form Flower & Clip to Size
Cut enough black fabric trim to wrap tightly around the button until a flower forms.  Tuck it tightly between the button and the pipe cleaner.  Wrap the pipe cleaners around the napkin and twist.  If desired, clip away the excess and you are done.

TIP:  Write in the names of your guests so these napkin rings double as place cards, and let the conversation begin.

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