Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bespoke Olympia Le Tan Book Clutches

We should file this in the crazy Christmas present department...for the paltry sum of $45,000, you can get a trip to Paris to meet book purse designer, Olympia Le Tan, who will design six book clutches for you over the course of a year. It's all courtesy of Neiman Marcus and their Christmas Fantasy Gifts. Other Fantasy Gifts include a party for 300 above Time Square for New Year's Eve and a specially commissioned Rolls Royce. 

The handbags Olympia makes for you will be custom made and reflect your input so you could have book purses for all your favorite mystery novels. 

While I do love the Rebecca clutch above, which retails for $1840, I tend to spend my hard earned capital in other ways, but these are super fun.

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  1. Ha! I saw the photos in my blog feeder and clicked through, thinking, "Ooh! Tara would like these!" Then I saw the price tag. :-)