Monday, October 23, 2017

Flame Noir Candle Company

This time of year we're always on the hunt for gifties for our favorite mystery fans. So nice to see new offerings over at the Flame Noir Candle Company, like the Poirot inspired Whitehaven Mansions candle which is scented with Belgian chocolate, blooming poppies and the "aroma of old-fashioned grooming tonic." I love the creative whimsey of these scents that can make it seem like your favorite mystery character was just in the room. 

Fans of Miss Phryne Fisher will love the Wardlow House candle, scented with lavender, bergamot, vanilla, and cinnamon

Here's the Nick and Nora Charles gift set...The 52nd Speakeasy featuring "a top shelf blend of warm, fragrant tobacco, wittily intertwined with an ample dose of sweet and spicy bourbon whiskey" and the Hotel Normandy, "a sassy cocktail of intoxicating jasmine, upscale bergamot, and the amorous whimsy of whole vanilla bean."

And don't forget Poirot's Christmas..."A dignified blend of teakwood, citrus, vetiver and pine trees for a Jazz Age holiday filled with mystery and delight."

They also have scented room sprays and wax melts.

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