Friday, March 29, 2019

Fault Lines, The California Greyhound and a Giveaway

Today I get to do my own Drinks with Reads for a short story I wrote called, "Please See Me," in a new anthology called Fault Lines: Stories by Northern California Crime Writers edited by Margaret Lucke. The anthology features nineteen short stories that explore crime, guilt, and justice in the California earthquake-prone region and beyond.

Don't forget to comment below to win a fabulous trio of book themed-socks. Just tell us if you've ever been to California and where. 

The contributing authors that join me in the anthology are: Ana Brazil, Jenny Carless, Diana Chambers, David Hagerty, Vinnie Hansen, Katherine Bolger Hyde, Judith Janeway, Mariah Klein, Mariella Krause, Susan Kuchinskas, Bette Golden Lamb, J.J. Lamb, Margaret Lucke, Susan C. Shea, Robin C. Stuart, Nancy Tingley, CJ Verburg, and C.M. West. Foreword by Terry Shames and Diana Chambers.

My story, "Please See Me," is about what happens when a robbery in a sleepy cul-de-sac goes very very wrong. I got the idea from a term paper my mother wrote in the 70s about local house robberies. It was great fun to write.

I picked the Greyhound to match my story because of the bright fresh California citrus and it's what they drink in the cul-de-sac. You may remember the Greyhound as Roger Sterling's favorite drink on Mad Men

The recipe below includes simple syrup, but I didn't include it in mine because I like the tart taste. Make yours to suit your own taste buds. 

The California Greyhound

There are so many great stories in this anthology here are a few highlights:
  • "17 Ways to Kill Your Co-Worker" by Mariella Krause
  • "Two Hundred Miles" by Margaret Lucke
  • "The Champagne Girl" by Susan Shea
  • "Trouble at Tor House" by Katherine Bolger Hyde
- Deborah Lacy 

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  1. I've been to San Diego several times. It's a beautiful city!

  2. I love San Francisco, and the city's proximity to Napa. I also love greyhound drinks, what a great choice.

  3. I grew up in SoCal and still visit relatives in NoCal. Can't wait to read "Please See Me" and the other stories. In particular, "17 Ways to Kill Your Co-Worker" sounds disturbingly intriguing...Yummy looking drink too. :)

  4. Awesome socks thank you for the chance. The story sounds so interesting. Here’s hoping.

  5. I have been to San Diego, LA, Central Ca, but my favorite place to visit and go on vacation is Newport Beach. A special setting which I enjoy since it is away from the crowds, quiet and from another era. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. The socks are unique and delightful. I visited Ca. many times for holidays and occasions for family gettogethers. All SoCal. In another life I would have located there as close friend moved there in 1961 with her parents and family.

  7. Never been out that way... but I would like to!
    Kelly Braun

  8. Great socks! I've been to California several times. I've been to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Disneyland to name a few. Lots to see in California.

  9. I've never been to California but would love to.

  10. I was at Disneyland in the fifties and I went through. California in a semi in the 80s one city was Bakersfield and Los Angeles. In the fifties San Francisco too.