Thursday, March 21, 2019

Review: Careless Love by Peter Robinson

Kerry Hammond is here today with her review of the latest police procedural by Peter Robinson.

Careless Love by Peter Robinson was published on February 12, in Hardcover, by William Morrow. It is the 25th book in the DCI Banks series. Don’t be discouraged by the number, I’ve read several books in this series, all out of order, and each one stands on its own so that readers can easily follow along without feeling like they’re missing out on a lot of backstory.

In Careless Love, Detective Superintendent Banks is investigating not one, but two suspicious deaths; suspicious because it’s not initially clear that there was any foul play. A young girl is found in a car in a remote area—a possible suicide. A sixty year old man is found dead on the moor—a possible accidental death. Both are anything but clear and both leave Banks with more questions than answers. Two cases that initially had nothing in common begin to show signs of a connection.

The investigative team, which includes a cast of interesting supporting characters, always figure things out in the end. But it’s the how that makes these books great police procedurals. I sometimes imagine I’m watching a British TV series as the detectives investigate the crime. Robinson does a great job of making his characters well rounded and real. The mystery always unfolds through diligent police work and clue gathering, and the reader is always left satisfied.

This book was provided to Mystery Playground by the publisher. The review was fair and completely independent.

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