Friday, June 14, 2019

Not Bad People and Passionfruit Mimosas

Brandy Scott is here on Drinks with Reads today to celebrate her new novel...Not Bad People.

Not Bad People is set in the vineyards of Victoria, Australia – where my characters often have a glass in hand. And they need it! The book kicks off on New Year’s Eve, with a pinot-fueled bad idea to have a letting-go ceremony, where Aimee, Melinda and Lou tie their resolutions to sky lanterns and let them off the balcony. Just minutes later, there’s a flash in the sky – and the next morning, it’s reported that a small plane crashed in the same area. 

Did they cause the accident? Aimee is convinced they’re responsible, and finds herself unable to stay away from the crash site and the family involved. Melinda knows they didn’t, but Aimee’s very public paranoia is putting her business and adoption plans at risk. While Lou has her own family problems to deal with – problems that become increasingly intertwined with the accident that has taken over all their lives. 

It’s a toxic recipe for anxiety, guilt trips, shame, obsession and power games. And also for cocktails! I bought some fantastic prosecco while researching this novel in Victoria, and I’ve used that as a base for a passionfruit mimosa – just the thing for plotting revenge on a hot Australian summer’s afternoon. 

(makes six)

One bottle of Prosecco
One passionfruit per person
Carton of passionfruit juice
Mint to garnish

Incredibly simple: place a mint leaf in the base of the glass, pour two-thirds full with prosecco, then top up with juice. (Or not, if you like something a little stronger.) Carefully scoop the passionfruit in at the end – it will froth in outrage at this stage. Try not to choke on the mint while feuding with your oldest friends. 

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